Why a safety float?

Your safety is our main priority and that is why we ask for swimmers to use a tow-float in every swim we organise.

Basically, when you’re in the water, we want to see where you are, just in case in run into some difficulties and need assistance. And that is why tow-floats are usually bright orange!

In addition, the tow-float can also be used if you need to take a little break in the water. They weren’t really designed to be a buoyancy aid during swimming, but they’ll support an adult leaning on it for a while.

Using it could not be easier! Simply attach the strap to your waist and adjust. When you’re swimming, the float should sit just behind your knees and you won’t even notice it’s there.

The boat support team, however, can follow the bright orange dots in the water and come to your rescue if needed.

Be safe! Use a tow-float!