For safety reasons, participants MUST always use a safety buoy. These devices are ideal to increase visibility during the swim, and allow our safety team to follow each swimmer individually. It also alerts other water users to the presence of swimmers in the water.

Tow-floats will support the weight of an adult for a short period in case you need to rest during your swim, or can even be used as a flotation device, in case of emergency.

These brightly coloured devices are composed of a simple inflatable section which is fastened to the swimmer at the waist. It will not interfere with swimming, and will simply float behind you as you swim.

Finally, they can provide a safe storage solution. Some safety buoys include a small dry pocket for smaller items, like keys or wallet; while other have bigger pockets which can transport larger items, like a change of clothes.

Pink, orange or yellow…. You can pick the colour to match your style, but use it for every swim!

Safety buoy