About us

Highland Open Water Swim is the brainchild of outdoor enthusiast Jeff Forrester.

We started off in 2015 to enjoy the beautiful environment that we are lucky to live close to in the Highlands and inspire others to challenge themselves to start new sport activities.

It is our intention to continue as long as we can, inspiring others to follow and experience some of the most beautiful coastline and see the aquatic life, from common porpoises and bottlenose dolphins, to basking sharks and common grey seals to name but a few.

Our team

Simon Willis TV Cameraman who does a bit of Triathlon
Tony Hammock Experienced and inspirational kayaker
Cathy K Jones Commercial RIB skipper, who likes anything in the water!
Alan Nicholson Many years experience on the boat
John MacDonald Always ensuring all swimmers are safe throughout the swims
Ewan Jelly Outdoor fanatic ... always smiling!
Alex Reis Webmaster, registration officer and tea-maker!
Jeff Forrester The crazy one who started all this ….. Loves outdoors and water

Swims 2017

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Safety notice

Please note that, for safety reasons, we require the use of a safety float for all swims.

How to register

Fill the form

Simply fill in the form with your personal details, indicating which swims you would like to take part. Please check that your email and contact details are correct to make sure you receive the information about the swims.

Sign waiver

After you fill in the form with your personal details and what swims you would like to take part, please sign the waiver. To sign, simply use your mouse in the signature box.


Once you’ve completed the registration form and signed the waiver, we ask if you could make a donation to Children with Cancer. All the money we raise goes directly to the charity. Even a small donation can make a big difference!

Our sponsors

Can you help us?

We're always looking for volunteers to help at each swim.

If you're confident in a kayak and don't mind spending a few hours with some crazy cold water swimmers, then we would love to hear from you!

All we do is for charity, but we promise a constant flow of hot soup and cups of coffee after the swim, if you can help us.

Local groups

Looking for company for a swim?

Check out our list of Open Water Swim groups in the Highlands. Here you can find links to the Facebook pages of some of our local groups, where they advertise their swims and other activities.

If you would like your group included in this list, please let us know.

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